• I'm a doctoral student in the Faculty of Health, Arts, and Design at Swinburne University of Technology in Australia. My supervisors are Professor Lisa Given and Dr. Kim Thompson.


    I study people's information experiences in everyday life. I'm especially intrigued by the role of the body and the senses in our information experiences. With my thesis research I'm investigating how people feed themselves and their families, and the role of embodied information and knowledge within these activities.


    News and whereabouts:

    • June 2017: Peer Mentoring at the Librarians' Research Institute, Canadian Association of Research Libraries
    • June 2017: Presenting work at the Canadian Association for Information Science annual meeting in Toronto at Congress (with Lisa Given, Heidi Julien, and Lauren Carlson)
    • May 2017: Sharing results from the latest Canadian survey of librarians' instructional practices at WILU (with Heidi Julien)
    • May 2017: Denise Koufogiannakis and I are offering a qualitative methods workshop for the Canadian Health Libraries Association

    Contact me: sarah.polkinghorne@ualberta.ca


  • Research


      In addition to my doctoral work, I have also investigated librarians' experiences of the teaching role and with new technology.


      Recent publications and presentations include:

      • Polkinghorne, S., & Chambers, T. (2016, October). Embodied information in workplace contexts. Poster presented at the SIG-USE workshop at the Association for Information Science and Technology Annual Meeting, Copenhagen (refereed)

      • Polkinghorne, S. (2016). Critical consciousness and search: an introductory visualization. In N. Pagowsky & K. McElroy (Eds.), Critical library pedagogy handbook. Chicago: American Library Association.

      • Polkinghorne, S. (2015, September). Unpacking and Overcoming 'Edutainment' in Library InstructionIn the Library with the Lead Pipe (open-reviewed)
    • Practice


        The core of my professional practice as a librarian is supporting students and faculty members in the Departments of Art & Design, Drama, and Psychology at the University of Alberta.

      • Service


          Recent contributions include:

        • Awards


            My awards have included:

            • Tuition Fees Scholarship, Swinburne University of Technology (2017-)
            • Faculty of Education Resource Funding, Charles Sturt University (2016)
            • Research Support Fund Grant, University of Alberta Libraries (2016, 2012)
            • Librarian Recognition Award, University of Alberta (2014)
            • Best Paper by a Practitioner, Canadian Association for Information Science (2013, 2012)
            • Sponsored Place Award at i3 (information: interactions and impact), Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland (2013)
            • SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarship (2003)
            • Curriculum Vitae

              Feel free to read the complete chronicle here: view or download.